Fablab Saigon – a quick review on our achievement

It has been 2 years and a half since our Fablab Saigon established. It’s not long enough to validate the success, but it’s not too short for us to feel fulfilled when we look back the past time. We write this post to review the whole journey we have been through. There was bad and good time, Read more about Fablab Saigon – a quick review on our achievement[…]

July-Sept 2015 / Fablab Saigon latest news

It will be soon 2 months since the soft launch of our cafe and co-working space. And our team has been pretty busy lately, so much that we’ve been a bit slow on updating the latest months’ news here. So much has happen than it’s hard to list them all here, so let’s go straight to the Read more about July-Sept 2015 / Fablab Saigon latest news[…]

Fablab café first day, just like home

Today was a great day to open the Fablab cafe: 3rd of September, just one day after the Vietnamese National Day, which happens to be the last holiday in Vietnam until the New Year. And this surely is a good sign that the development of Fablab Saigon will now be non-stop! There are still things to sort out, but Read more about Fablab café first day, just like home[…]

May-June 2015 / Fablab Saigon latest news

It’s already June! A lot happened in the last months. A lot yet not enough 🙂 Transparency is important to us, and it is even more because we have the support from many of you, so we will try to keep you posted here on our blog with the latest updates about us! On the highlights, we’ve been busy Read more about May-June 2015 / Fablab Saigon latest news[…]

FAN2 Day 5 – Wrapping up an extraordinary week

With so many things happening every day, this week has gone by incredibly fast. The fifth and last day of FAN2 is finally here, setting a sentimental mood for the last round of Fablab presentations. Below are some interesting tidbits of the day.

Fablab Hamamatsu

Mr. Takemura Takashi set up a small lab in his backyard. Smacked between rural and urban areas and surrounded by farming lands, people here often work with bicycles. For example, they made an pedal-powered ice-shaving machine. The lab is sustained by a membership structure.


FAN2 Day 4 – Fabrication for a social purpose

As we sat in for more lab reviews this morning, I realized that I was not bored because today’s talks highlighted a different aspect of fabrication. Often we make something because we have a practical use for it, or we just want to play with it. However, Fablab Dynamic and Makerbar Taipei make things designed to address a social or environmental issue, and digital fabrication is only a means to an end.

Take for example, Fablab Dynamic‘s Fab x Eco project is motivated by dog owners’ underserved need to customize wheel chairs for their beloved dogs. Using traditional manufacturing methods, such wheelchairs are costly and may not fit well to all dogs. Fablab Dynamic not only made their design open-source but also designed it such that the owner or the pet industry can simply enter the height and weight etc. of a dog and have the custom design generated for digital fabrication. Imagine how happy this would make the dog and its owner! We encourage you to read Fablab Dynamic and Makerbar Taipei‘ blogs  (Tip: Google translation is handy) for more inspiration on how we makers can put our skills to create impacts socially and environmentally.

dogwheelchairIn the afternoon, we conducted a workshop called “Chameleon Lamp” for FAN2 participants. […]

FAN2 Day 3 – Presenting Fablab Saigon to the world

Sorry that this is a late post because we are getting busier and busier at the very fast-paced conference.

On the stage today, Mai presented about Fablab Saigon. She shared Fablab Saigon’s current status, direction and what it will look like in near future after renovation. We received good compliments from the audience afterwards.

Check out our presentation slides here.

img_2331Coming up next, Mr. Yoshisuke Kuramoto showed his DIY Fability Scooter which he designed and fabricated for himself at Fablab Hamamatsu. […]

FAN2 Day 2 – Fablab Fablab and Fablab…

On the second day at FAN2, we met so many interesting people who come from different Fablabs all around Asia. Lab Review session started at 9:15am; each lab is given 15 minutes for their presentation.

Fablab Taipei

Ted – Fablab Taipei Director – was the first to present. Fablab Taipei is a non-profit and has various projects ranging from art to appliances. We have been attracted by MIDI music instrument.

Fablab Bohol

Angeline who represented FAN1 organizer – Fablab Bohol – was next on stage. Fablab Bohol mainly focused on solving problems experienced in Philippine, such as upcycling. Strongly supported by their government, they also paid much attention to education as well as providing trainings to local people.


FAN2 Day 1 – Openlab Taipei Visit and Launch Party

Ni hao!

We are finally here in Taiwan, a beautiful country. Its wide road-side pavements make a nice change from Vietnam. The rainy season is in this month so most people need to carry their own umbrella. Taiwan has great public transportation system, especially Metro (MRT) and High Speed Rail. We mostly use MRT to travel around the city. People here are nice and many of them speak English so it’s not that difficult for foreigners who don’t speak Mandarin to ask for help. Taipei food is slightly different from Vietnam cuisine, you can easily find different snacks along the streets.

Today, FAN2 launch party was scheduled late in the evening so we spent the whole morning and afternoon to travel around the city and to visit new friends such as OpenLab Taipei.

Meet Xuan, the mastermind behind the renovation at Fablab Saigon

So here we are, we just started the renovation of our space! We have been working on this plan for months now, pushing it back since the Tet (february 2015). On this occasion, I want to share with you the story of the mastermind behind it, Xuan, and give you an update on our plans. Read more about Meet Xuan, the mastermind behind the renovation at Fablab Saigon[…]