OSCE days 2016: From local, we will go global

Ngày hội Open Source Circular Economy Days – OSCE năm nay diễn ra vào ngày 11/6 tại Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh được tổ chức bởi Fablab Saigon. Sự kiện này là cơ hội để chúng ta hòa vào dòng chảy phát triển của thế giới và tạo nên sự khác biệt với tư cách Read more about OSCE days 2016: From local, we will go global[…]


Có rất nhiều người bị chấn thương mỗi ngày tại Việt Nam và điều này gây nên những tác động tiêu cực vào tình trạng nghèo đói và kinh tế xã hội của đất nước. Có hơn 50,000 mạng sống mất đi mỗi năm và nhiều người trong số họ phải chịu thương tật vĩnh Read more about KHOÁ HỌC SƠ CỨU – FIRST AID & EMERGENCY CARE TRAINING[…]

8th grade students on the 48h Maker to Entrepreneur Bootcamp

In March 2016, we held the first 48h Maker to Entrepreneur Boot Camp, and we are very happy to share this article by Jenny and Tom, two 8th grade participants from the Canadian International School. The article was published in the April issue of their School’s monthly magazine in both English and Vietnamese. “48 giờ từ nhà Read more about 8th grade students on the 48h Maker to Entrepreneur Bootcamp[…]

Mobile Fablab – Where should we go?

The idea of the mobile fablab has been in our minds almost from the beginning of Fablab Saigon. Packing our tools on a truck, driving through Vietnam, showing people how digital fabrication can help them solve local problems. The very heart of the mission of Fablab. No fablab wouldn’t dream about it! “Give ordinary people Read more about Mobile Fablab – Where should we go?[…]

First “maker to entrepreneur” bootcamp in Vietnam! – Hội trại “Từ nhà sáng chế thành doanh nhân” đầu tiên tại Việt Nam!

(Tiếng Việt vui lòng kéo xuống dưới, Vietnamese please scroll down) We are very happy to announce that we will be hosting at Fablab Saigon the first 48h maker to entrepreneur bootcamp on March 11th-13th with 24 students, in 9th to 12th grades, from international and local schools. Thanks to the support of the US Consulate General and Read more about First “maker to entrepreneur” bootcamp in Vietnam! – Hội trại “Từ nhà sáng chế thành doanh nhân” đầu tiên tại Việt Nam![…]

Maker Faire Taipei 2015

Following FAN2 conference, Maker Faire Taipei 2015 took place at Huashan 1914 Creative Park on the weekend of May 30th to 31st. At the park entrance, you can see a Maker Faire Logo made by steel. And just before entering main area, another gate showed up.

A giant Maker Faire robot stands proudly at the entrance.


The main area is divided into 3 sub-areas: MakerFair, Fusionera and Gadget Contest. MakerFaire is the largest among them, where individual makers exhibited their own projects. […]

FAN2 Day 2 – Fablab Fablab and Fablab…

On the second day at FAN2, we met so many interesting people who come from different Fablabs all around Asia. Lab Review session started at 9:15am; each lab is given 15 minutes for their presentation.

Fablab Taipei

Ted – Fablab Taipei Director – was the first to present. Fablab Taipei is a non-profit and has various projects ranging from art to appliances. We have been attracted by MIDI music instrument.

Fablab Bohol

Angeline who represented FAN1 organizer – Fablab Bohol – was next on stage. Fablab Bohol mainly focused on solving problems experienced in Philippine, such as upcycling. Strongly supported by their government, they also paid much attention to education as well as providing trainings to local people.


Engineering education and the Makers movement

Last week, I attended the Vietnam Engineering Education Conference (VEEC 2015) in Danang. As a co-founder of Fablab Saigon, I was invited to share my view on the Makers Movement and what it means for the next generation of engineers in Vietnam.

I was very excited, yet couldn’t help but feeling the impostor syndrom. As a makerspace, Fablab Saigon is not fully equipped yet, as a co-working space, what we have to offer isn’t much compared to what other co-working spaces in town may have. We are lucky that we could start it thanks to the family house that was left by my grandparents. […]

Let’s celebrate Arduino Day 2015 this 28th March!

Digital-Kit-MockUp_posters Last year we missed the deadline for Arduino Day. We were too busy setting up Fablab, but we said we wouldn’t miss it this year! So here we are, very happy to announce that we will be hosting Arduino Day 2015 at Fablab Saigon, the very first of such events in Vietnam.


Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday. It’s a 24 hours-long event –organized directly by the community, or by the Arduino team– where people interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences, and learn more. Not sure what on Earth is Arduino? […]