It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

Our Space

All you need to be innovative in one place.


Tools, machines & people are in one place


A place to enjoy great moment with fresh coffee


A place to work with friendly space


For relaxing and farming

Our services

Fablab Saigon's mission is to enable and support the makers community.
Whatever your project is, we want to help you make it happen.
  • Join one of our workshops or book a private one for your organization.

  • Get our team to work on your idea.

  • Get us to buy what you need for your maker project delivered at Fablab Saigon.

  • Enable maker events and hackathon

Our team

Dai Duong

Event & Space FabMaster

Anh Bui

Social & Marketing FabMaster

Bao Nguyen

Community FabMaster

Quy Nguyen

Coffee FabMaster

Hoang-Anh Phan


Giang Nguyen

Makerspace FabMaster

Hai Nguyen

Store FabMaster

Tri Truong

Content FabMaster

Nhi Nguyen

Marketing Intern

Nhan Nguyen

General Director

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