Fablab Saigon’s new logo, the raise of a new star

We all love the star, the Fablab Saigon star. In the brief for the design of the original Fablab Saigon logo, we wanted something that would tell about Vietnam yet follow the principles of the original Fablab logo, with the 3 red, green and blue colors and “building” pieces. That’s how Arnaud came up with Read more about Fablab Saigon’s new logo, the raise of a new star[…]

Mobile Fablab Việt Nam – Dự án đưa Fablab đến gần với cộng đồng hơn

(Please scroll down to download the English version of this article) 1. Chúng tôi là ai ? Fablab là một công xưởng nhỏ tập trung vào lĩnh vực chế tác số (Digital Fabrication). Fablab tạo ra một không gian để mọi người cùng gặp gỡ nhau, cũng thoả sức sáng tạo để qua đó thúc Read more about Mobile Fablab Việt Nam – Dự án đưa Fablab đến gần với cộng đồng hơn[…]

Sản phẩm sáng tạo thương mại đầu tiên của Fablab – Máy nghiền bi

Do nhu cầu đặc thù trong môi trường thí nghiệm cần phải trộn kỹ hóa chất thí nghiệm trước khi tiến hành nghiên cứu thí nghiệm nên công ty chuyên về sản xuất găng tay cao su đã đặt hàng Fablab làm ra sản phẩm máy nghiền bi. Máy nghiền bi được thiết kế tinh giản với Read more about Sản phẩm sáng tạo thương mại đầu tiên của Fablab – Máy nghiền bi[…]

FAN2 Day 5 – Wrapping up an extraordinary week

With so many things happening every day, this week has gone by incredibly fast. The fifth and last day of FAN2 is finally here, setting a sentimental mood for the last round of Fablab presentations. Below are some interesting tidbits of the day.

Fablab Hamamatsu

Mr. Takemura Takashi set up a small lab in his backyard. Smacked between rural and urban areas and surrounded by farming lands, people here often work with bicycles. For example, they made an pedal-powered ice-shaving machine. The lab is sustained by a membership structure.


FAN2 Day 4 – Fabrication for a social purpose

As we sat in for more lab reviews this morning, I realized that I was not bored because today’s talks highlighted a different aspect of fabrication. Often we make something because we have a practical use for it, or we just want to play with it. However, Fablab Dynamic and Makerbar Taipei make things designed to address a social or environmental issue, and digital fabrication is only a means to an end.

Take for example, Fablab Dynamic‘s Fab x Eco project is motivated by dog owners’ underserved need to customize wheel chairs for their beloved dogs. Using traditional manufacturing methods, such wheelchairs are costly and may not fit well to all dogs. Fablab Dynamic not only made their design open-source but also designed it such that the owner or the pet industry can simply enter the height and weight etc. of a dog and have the custom design generated for digital fabrication. Imagine how happy this would make the dog and its owner! We encourage you to read Fablab Dynamic and Makerbar Taipei‘ blogs  (Tip: Google translation is handy) for more inspiration on how we makers can put our skills to create impacts socially and environmentally.

dogwheelchairIn the afternoon, we conducted a workshop called “Chameleon Lamp” for FAN2 participants. […]

Maker – a documentary on the Maker movement

I can’t help feeling excited when I see the date booked for the screening of the Maker movie. Among events from other countries, there are screenings in America, Europe, Africa and other countries in Asia. For the very first time, this amazing and adequate documentary video is screening in Viet Nam. I helped to translate the movie’s subtitles by accident but it brings me a very good feeling when I can have a chance to contribute a little bit in bringing this amazing movie to the Vietnamese community.


And once again, I keep saying this movie is amazing, and it is not because I helped to translate it for sure. It is amazing because it is informative, inspiring and you’d love to watch it. Now here’s why: […]

Compost Bin with Black Soldier Fly

We met earlier this month and it was our second activity in the compost bin project. The first one was our visit to Anphu Earthworm Farm in Cu Chi. After the trip, we learnt that his earthworm didn’t suit our compost bin and Hoang-Anh, co-founder of the FabLab, has been looking for a new way to do it. Fortunately, she met Khue Vo who has been successful with his research of using Black Soldier Flies in composting.

Khue is currently working at XanhShop.com, a provider of organic food. He is spending most of his free time on two things: […]

Our first 3D Printer / Chiếc máy in 3D đầu tiên của chúng tôi

We got this printer from 3dmaker.vn. The model is a Prusa i3. We chose it because it’s cheap and we could buy a kit and build it ourselves. We bought it thanks to the prize we won in the NASA Space App challenge.

Chiếc máy in model Prusa I3 này được đặt mua tại 3dmaker.vn. Lí do chúng tôi chọn  sản phẩm này vì giá rẻ và được bán theo bộ gồm những linh kiện rời để có thể tự lắp đặt tại nhà . Chúng tôi đã dùng số tiền thưởng từ cuộc thi “NASA Space App Challenge” để mua nó.

Here’s a short video to see it action. Dưới đây là một đoạn video ngắn về sản phẩm: