Fablab café first day, just like home

Today was a great day to open the Fablab cafe: 3rd of September, just one day after the Vietnamese National Day, which happens to be the last holiday in Vietnam until the New Year. And this surely is a good sign that the development of Fablab Saigon will now be non-stop!

There are still things to sort out, but as a shared and common space, there will always be things to sort out and to improve. A bit of decoration here, some extra chairs there, some plants too, etc. We want the Fablab to feel like home, and just like a home it lives along with its inhabitants. As our community will use the space, we will see more needs, there will be plenty of ideas from the community to make it better. Just like a home it will never be “finished”.

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Just like home, each resident in the co-working will bring in their own personality and build their own culture in their dedicated and shared space. That’s something very nice that our very first “customer”, Kevin, founder of Dimovie.vn, pointed out. He also likes the natural light in the café and the fact that he can be barefoot, just like home. Mai, fabmaster and founder of Meye Creative prefers to wear her “fablab” slippers.

We really encourage residents to make the space theirs. They can bring their own desk and chair if they want to. They can decorate the wall however they want to as long as they agree with the other residents sharing the room. The first residents will obviously have more say in that matter, but that’s part of the concept. In fact, the resident makers from the makerspace are putting their touch a bit everywhere in the house.

Xuan, who helped us with the renovation, is now helping us out with the food menu and again we want it to feel like home too. So stay tune for more news!

The fablab cafe opens daily, Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 8pm.