Fablab Saigon – a quick review on our achievement

It has been 2 years and a half since our Fablab Saigon established. It’s not long enough to validate the success, but it’s not too short for us to feel fulfilled when we look back the past time.

We write this post to review the whole journey we have been through. There was bad and good time, but the reality that we still exist and are going to go further on our hard way, which is to promote the Makers movement as a new way to think consumption, economy and society, is our biggest achievement. It make us strongly believe that we can commit our mission:  INNOVATION LITERACY THROUGH DIGITAL FABRICATION.

Here are the important marks on our development since we were born:


Mar. 2014: A group of 5+ people started Fablab Saigon

Mar. 2014: Participated in Saigon TechCamp: IoT and demo of the FabCooker

Apr. 2014: Got 100 likes on Fablab Saigon’s fanpage 

Apr. 2014: Won Top 5 Global Finalists Award Best Use Of Hardware’s Prize, Nasa Space Apps Challenge. Project named Play-it-cool

Apr. 2014: Estiabled Conech Co., LTD

Jun. 2014: Built Fablab Saigon first 3D printer

Oct. 2014: Extended public hours Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 12-8pm.

12/2014: Took part in Saigon Barcamp, Projection of Makers, a documentary on the Maker movement


March 2015: Organized Arduino Day

April 2015: Organized first Arduino workshop at Fablab Saigon

April 2015: Organized first Drone meet-up

May 2015: Began Fablab Saigon renovation

May 2015: Participated in FAN2 in Taiwan, Maker Faire Taipei

June 2015: Insance Rice Mosaic and Metal Casting on Makezine

June 2015: Became founding member of SEAMNET, the network of makerspace in South East Asia

July 2015: Hit 1000 likes on Fablab Saigon’s fanpage

July 2015: Showcase at Startup Fair Saigon

August 2015: Launched of the cafe & co-working space

Sept. 2015: Organized 1st Maker meet-up in Biomedicine

Sept. 2015: Run 1st 3D printing workshop

Sept 2015: Had Nam Son Laser become our lasercutter partner and loaned a laser machine to us

Oct. 2015: Showcase at DevFest 2015

Oct. 2015: Participated in OIP Startup and innovation conference in Taipei

Oct. 2015: Participated in KLESF in Malaysia

Oct. 2015: Built 1st prototyping – A mixing machine

Nov. 2015: Joined Hatch Fair! & IPP Mid-term demo day

Nov. 2015: Joined Maker movement promotion forum in HCMC and Danang at USCG

Nov. 2015: Showcase at Google Hackfair 2015

Dec. 2015: Organized STEAM School field trip at Fablab Saigon


23/01/2016: Participated in IPP Final Demo Day

Jan 2016: Joined Maker Faire Phnom Penh

Feb. 2016: Organized 2nd STEAM school field trip at Fablab Saigon

Mar. 2016: Run 1st 48h Maker2Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Mar. 2016: Showcase at Saigon Tech Startup Festival

Apr. 2016: Organized Genuino Day 2016 at Fablab Saigon

Apr. 2016: Co-hosted Nasa Space Apps Challenge 2016

May. 2016: Started 2nd phase IPP2

June 2016: Co-hosted TOM event

June 2016: Organized OSCE Days 2016

June 2016: Organized SEA Makerthon 2016

June 2016: Launched Basic Electronics & Arduino Course at Center of Science and Technology Development for Youth

July 2016: Run Mobile Fablab Project at Vung Tau City and Tuy Hoa Province.

Do those marks impress you like they impressed and inspired us to keep going and growing?

We also want to thank you for your contribution and support for Fablab Saigon. The Maker community can’t be this big and connected without your active participation.

Please keep doing so and VISIT OUR MAKERSPACE and CAFE whenever you need a home or a feeling of belonging to a close community!!!