Digital Fabrication Day 9/4

Digital Fabrication Day 9/4

Being creative without limit?
Ever heard of 3D printing that brings all your designs to life? Or Internet of Thing – the epic network that revolutionizes our world?

This 9/4 will be your greatest chance to experience all from Lazer cut, 3D printing to Arduino & IoT projects: Fablab Saigon welcomes all of you to our 1 day workshop, Introduction to Digital Fabrication.
This workshop has 4 main sessions giving you a broad understanding of 3D printing, laser cut, Arduino, and Internet of Thing. We design our sessions so that you will have a chance to do hand-on activities instead of boring theory!.
Your project material to take home including 3D printing object, acrylic box cutting, LED and NodeMCU module. Don’t let your creativity stop here!

Not just that, you will also get a chance to buy Arduino StarterKit by PAP at 10% discount, including Arduino board at the price of 580,000 VND.

As our community’s warmest greeting to you all, we prepare our homemade cookie & tea, and lunch for the workshop. Besides, there will be 10 surprise goodie bags given to lucky participants of Digital Fabrication Day 9/4.

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier.” – Steve Job –

Be quick to grab your Early Bỉrd ticket at the price of 800,000 VNĐ until 6/4. Let it all come true this 9/4 at Digital Fabrication Day!
8.30: Fablab & Digital Fabrication – our journey since 2013
8.50: The story of 3D printing
9.30: Let’s Prototype! (Design your own things in 3D)
10.50: All about laser cut
11.00: Let’s Prototype! (Part 1 – Rocket)
12.00: Lunch Break (lunch included)
13.00: Fun activity! (Part 2 – Google Cardboard)
13.30: Arduino 101 – Getting started with Arduino board & mini projects
15.40: Internet of Thing & the 2016 world – Controlling LEDs on your phone via the Internet
(Content subjects to change without advanced notification)

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