Partnerships are for organizations that contribute to the development of the Fablab. They are visible in the partner section of our site. Partnerships are reassessed every 6 months.


Description Criteria Benefits

Fab Friend

Informal partnership
  • have interest in Fablab
  • taking part in fablab activities
  • Invitation at Fab Network meetup
Fab Backer Informal partnership
  • make one-off donations
  • Thank you blog post
  • PR through activities run using the donations
Fab Believer Service agreement (equivalent to a customer)
  • pays fablab to deliver a service (training, events, etc.)
  • Get the agreed service
Fab Sponsor Sponsorship agreement
  • sponsoring a one-off fablab activity, project or event
  • Mention and coverage for all the duration of activity or event
Fab Companion Project agreement, MOU
  • committing resources (equipment, time, money, etc.) to the fablab for a year
  • Logo on the fablab page as Companion
Fab Godfather Advisors, Donors, Grants
  • donations or grants for fablab results
  • provide coaching
  • Advise on fablab development direction
Fab Angel Investors
  • commit significant money for Fablab development
  • Shared revenue