Fablab Saigon is a community project, in which many individuals and organizations take part. It is important that we recognize the contribution and involvement of all in a fair and transparent way.

Memberships are for individuals and partnerships are for organizations. They are both transparent to the community and reassessed regularly based on the reality of people’s involvement and fablab capacity.

Individual membership

Each membership has a validity of 6 months. Membership is reassessed upon member’s request or expiry. Decisions are taken in transparency at monthly membership review meetups that are open to the community. Each type of membership may be limited in number depending on the fablab capacity.

Membership is free except for co-working space, which has a fixed monthly fee.

The criteria for membership are based on the value brought back to the community:

  • reliability / time commitment / regular attendance
  • project involvement / volunteering / project leading
  • fablab setup investment / time / asset / money

For individual membership, criteria and benefits are adding up from one level membership to the next.

Individual membership is inspired from Star Wars Jedi Academy.


Description Criteria Benefits
Fab Aware Visitors
  • visited at least one time
  • access to the community
  • access to public hours
Fab Initiate Regular volunteers
  • regularly involved for one month
  • volunteer in a Fablab project or activity
  • learning by doing
Fab Padawan Project owners
  • lead a personal or community project at Fablab
  • Fablab equipment
  • 10% discount at the Fab cafe
Fab Knight Community leaders

Fablab residents

  • regularly involved for at least 6 months
  • organize events and activities
  • involved in space setup, maintenance or services
  • Fablab dedicated space
  • 10% discount at the Fab Cafe
Fab Master Fablab managers
  • commit 2 days per week for fablab development
  • paid by Fablab
Fab Guardian Founders, Advisors
  • commit personal assets or money
  • equity
Fab Emeritus Retired members
  • retired Fab Knight, Master and Guardian
  • recognition for their contribution