Fablab Saigon’s mission is to enable and support the makers community. Whatever your project is, we want to help you make it happen.

Why use our services?

  • work with innovative like minded people
  • access to high skilled engineering entrepreneurs
  • support the start-up community by providing income opportunities
  • support Fablab Saigon’s sustainability as a social business


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Would you like to book a private maker workshop for your organization?

Our team will be happy to propose some custom content to pass on the maker’s spirit of innovation and creativity to your group.

Check out our workshops.
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Do you have a great idea and want to go faster for time-to-market reason?

We can help you to prototype your idea. We charge on average 12USD/hour of work on a prototype + material.

Check out our portfolio of projects.

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Do you find it a nightware to get what you need for your maker project?

Thanks to our partners, our team can assist you find the right components and material, and buy them for you, all delivered at the Fablab.

Check out our catalog.