Repair Cafe: If you can’t open it, you don’t own it.

By that definition, what gadgets do you ever own in life? Handphones and laptops are hard to break into these days as manufacturers compete to make them smaller and thinner after each generation, while service manuals for almost anything are hard to come by.

Despite this uphill battle, last December, Repair Cafe @Fablab Saigon was launched with the aim to encourage people to tinker and fix household electrical appliances and electronics. Why bother fixing? Well, other than being able to save yourself some bucks from having to buy a replacement, truth is you learn a lot from opening things up to see how things work. In a nutshell, You save. You learn. You trash less.

Our repair crew was excited yet a little apprehensive about what items people would challenge us to fix. Fablab Saigon being a self-funded organization, our tools are limited in both categories and quantity. Thankfully, what we received was not a load of incomprehensible trash! A year-10 boy brought along his game console, a university student his toy helicopter. There were also a hand mixer and an electric kettle. Together with their owners, we managed to fix the toy helicopter and kettle. If a 50% success rate seems cool enough for you, come join us this Saturday 16th Jan, 3-5pm.

Repair Cafe

Ever tried dismantling anything you own? Do you run into any issues? What did you learn? As is often the case, one may not have necessary tools and expertise. We got you covered on that. Beyond repairing stuff, it is a great place to make friends and strike a conversation with curious and at times, a little cheeky folks. In other words, this is where repairing gets social.

Read more about repair event, share your repair stories, and connect with us at: Repair Cafe

Even if you don’t come to us, try one of these Rs. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repair. Repurpose.